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Likud Herut

About us

• We believe in the inalienable right of all Jews to live and settle in all parts of the Land of Israel and in the support of all government and community efforts and programmes directed to assist the maximum level of aliyah to Eretz Yisrael.

• We believe that, whatever terms may be agreed in any peace agreement, Jerusalem must remain the eternal and undivided capital of the Jewish nation with free access to its holy sites to be maintained for all religions, exclusively under Israel’s sovereignty and control. Access to all Jewish holy places including the Temple Mount
must be preserved under Israel’s permanent control.

• Eviction of Jews from their homes is not only a violation of their basic human rights but also of the basic tenets of our religion and everything that Judaism stands for.

• Any major decision whether territorial or affecting Israel’s intrinsic position as a Jewish State should require a two-thirds majority of the Knesset.

• We believe that, whatever terms may be agreed in any peace agreement, no prisoner found guilty of killing civilians should be freed before serving his/her full tariff.

• We believe that Haredim should be encouraged to serve in the armed forces and that all religious considerations shall be accommodated by the Defence Ministry to achieve maximum participation.

You can download a statement of our beliefs and principles here (PDF document)

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